Schmerke Kaczerginski – Partisan and Songwriter

Schmerke Kaczerginski wrote many Partisan songs during his time in the Vilna Ghetto, and his time as a partisan fights in the forests of Lithuania. Kaczerginski viewed his writing as an act of political resistance. He also realized that the songs could boost morale in the ghetto. 

In 1942, when the Nazi official tasked with overseeing the ghetto threatened to destroy all cultural goods, especially religious writings and other documents, Kaczerginski and his friend Sultzkever saved many of the documents by smuggling them out of the ghetto. It is because of their heroic acts that many of the documents were saved. 

One of his most famous songs that he wrote is entitled, Yid, du Partizaner! A moving rendition of this song is sung by Yelena Shmulenson:

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