Who were the Kasharyiot?


During the Jewish resistance in German-occupied Eastern Europe, these women provided a life-line between the Jewish population trapped inside Ghettos, and the outside world. They also provided essential materials for the resistance–such as secret documents, weapons, underground newspapers, money, medical supplies, news of German activities, forged identity cards, ammunition. How did they do this? Often, these female couriers had forged papers that allowed them to travel between the two worlds. They were considered heroines by many inside the Ghettos for their death defying missions and for the risk they took to save others. Emmanuel Ringelblum noted in his diary that the work and deeds of these female couriers would some day require the pen of a great writer. So far, they have received little attention. To read more about their activities, visit the site of the Jewish Women’s Archive: https://jwa.org/encyclopedia/article/kashariyot-couriers-in-Jewish-resistance-during-holocaust

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Nicole Calian (2018, 13. November). Who were the Kasharyiot? Widerstand von Juden gegen den Holocaust. Abgerufen am 23. April 2024, von https://doi.org/10.58079/vahb

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